Learn from an Enneagram Expert

Taught by Dr. Jerome Wagner, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, International Enneagram Association Honorary Founder, author, researcher, and presenter for over 45 years.

Actionable Training

Hands-on information and material to use with individuals, couples, families, and teams.

Engaging Exercises

Questions to aid personal reflection and application. Dialogue to further recognition and appreciation of all styles. ​

Premium Material

Books, articles, personality inventory, PowerPoint slides, handouts to use in your own work.

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2023 Fall | Enneagram Spectrum Training and Certification Program – Part 1

Based on Jerry’s best-selling book The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles: an Introductory Guide, 25th Anniversary Edition. Classes begin September 5, 2023.

EST Part 2 - Colorful

2024 Winter | Enneagram Spectrum Training and Certification Program – Part 2

Based on Jerry’s best-selling book Nine Lenses on the World: the Enneagram Perspective. Classes begin January 9, 2024.

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Who Will Benefit from
Our Professional Training

Anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of the Enneagram to enhance their work with individuals or groups.

  • therapists, counselors, psychologists, social workers
    • 24 CE’s are available for social workers, and counselors (License no: IL 159-001178) and for psychologists (License no: IL 268-000036)
  • spiritual and retreat directors, ministers
  • business coaches and consultants
  • managers, human resource personnel
  • teachers
  • anyone interested in personal development and insight into their own personality style and the styles of people in their life
Dr. Jerome Wagner, Ph.D.

Build Relevant Skills

Each module involves input, personal reflection questions, and break-out discussions.

Teacher Certification and Continuing Education Units

Certified Teacher in the Enneagram Spectrum Method, along with 24 CE’s, is earned by completing all 12 modules and submitting your written reflections to the instructor.

Didactic Input

Jerome Wagner is a clinical psychologist, an International Enneagram Association (IEA) Founder. He is also an accredited with honor professional teacher, Enneagram author, researcher, and presenter for over 45 years.

Experiential Excercises

Opportunities to learn and practice various exercises to facilitate understanding and application of the Enneagram’s theory and dynamics.

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What Our Trainees Say

Singapore Training Testimonials

  • Your sharing of examples for each type brought clarity and better appreciation and understanding of types. Your demeanor of delivery brought the best out in people that they were willing to share openly in class. Bouquets of thanks, Jerry, for teaching us the Enneagram. You’re a gem.
  • The methodology – delving into each personality, exploring the persona, the dynamics of the subtypes. I appreciated the no rush approach. It made every type comfortable and the way you did it kept an ever growing interest into discovering the others. Sense of humor. An extraordinary ability to give examples both from own experience and other sources, e.g., movies, etc. A respectful sensitivity of people.
  • There was something for every style and learner. Videos, article references, etc.
  • Loved the sharings as it gave each numbers’ characteristics a lot of meaning and became easier to relate the theory to reality.
  • The pace was good. Never felt the rush to finish topics which normally happens in workshops
  • Elements of the training I found useful: panel of students discussing their numbers; great style of presentation; breaking information down so new students can understand as easily as the experienced students.
  • I liked the exercises. I especially liked the paradigm of “I am/I am not” with defense mechanisms. I’ve never understood the defense mechanisms before and this schema helped a lot.
  • I found the materials, the PowerPoint’s, and people sharing from their types helpful and enlightening. I also loved the stories and found them helpful in understanding.
  • You were curious about how certain things showed up in the types without seeming to lead or coach the person into any agenda of your own. They spoke their own truth.
  • I loved your openness. Found the input of therapists and spiritual directors very useful. Your insights on each type was beautifully organized, complete, and very perceptive. Also loved getting a lot of bibliographical references for me to provide knowledge of counseling strategies.
  • What I found useful: Great concise teaching and pace of presenting the material; your lightness, humor, stories; your ability to relate psychological theories, spiritual practice, business theory, etc. to the Enneagram; you honor your colleagues’ perspectives; you are a refreshing reminder of the Enneagram’s depth and delight and practical simplicity.
  • I have found this training very very informative. The following I can use in my work: I can learn more about my personality, use as chaplain, and especially in my spiritual direction training. The training helps me develop more and become more well-rounded.

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