Mark Montemayor

Monte’s passion for vision, strategy and leadership defines his 35+ year professional and ministry career. He founded Leadership Clarity in 2014 to more fully leverage the breadth and depth of his unique experience to help leaders clarify vision, align strategy and develop people to maximize their team’s effectiveness. Additionally, Monte serves ministries and nonprofits around the US through his partnerships with Intentional Churches and Slingshot Group. A certified Paterson LifePlan Guide, Monte helps high-capacity leaders discover their distinct gifts and unique calling. Previously Monte served Real Life Christian Church as Executive Pastor from 2006-2021, overseeing the journey from a single-site church gathering hundreds to a sprawling multi- site ministry gathering thousands. He also provided leadership to strategic ministry partners in Central Florida and around the world. Prior to full time ministry, Monte enjoyed a successful executive career primarily in the attractions industry from 1985-2005. Monte and Helaine live in Central Florida. They have four children, one granddaughter and raised two nephews for several years. A lifelong athlete, Monte continues to enjoy playing hockey recreationally. Avid photographers, he and Helaine love just about anything outdoors, traveling, playing games and sharing time with friends.

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